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Blue Orbit Security Group’s residential security guard services are essential to the security system of any location, regardless of technological advancements. We are the first to respond and handle situations at offices, apartments, individual homes, complexes, and other retail establishments. As professionals, we are trained to provide effective building security and protect the building by patrolling and monitoring people. We conduct comprehensive surveillance day and night and perform numerous tasks. Our building security services help to protect people, property, and money at large businesses and apartments.

Benefits of Hiring BLUE ORBIT SECURITY SHIELD (OPC) PVT. LTD. Building Security Guards

In today’s world of rising crime rates, residential security guards must provide building security to ensure the safety of people and places. Here are some of the benefits of hiring building security guard services:
  • Crime Prevention and Safety: We are experts in the field and help to prevent crimes and ensure safety at the building. There are times when adverse situations occur, and residential security guards act quickly to prevent loss or damage to life and property. As the immediate and direct point of contact with owners, visitors, and customers, we are the first to encounter situations and implement swift building security measures to protect people and buildings.
  • Effective Building Security Management: Our building security services include complete building security management, where we plan the security program for a building by providing training and technology assistance to our guards. We deploy resources intelligently, charting the patrolling procedure, accessibility, and mobility based on the design of the residential building.
  • Record-Keeping of Visitors: We keep visitor records manually or digitally, maintaining complete details of the visitors and the date, time, and purpose of their visit.
  • Emergency Services: We at Blue Orbit Force are trained to follow emergency procedures during crises by directing the crowd to the safest exit and evacuating the premises.

Why Choose Us?

Recognized as the best security agency in Pune, Blue Orbit offers comprehensive building security solutions that meet our clients’ needs. With well-trained personnel, we are committed and dedicated to our tasks and remain a strategic partner in achieving security objectives.

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BLUE ORBIT SECURITY SHIELD (OPC) PVT. LTD. having a license to engage in the business of PASARA (Private Security Agencies (Regulation ) Act, 2005. and also on ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

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